Work Posters

Another semester is coming to a close, and I have officially finished my work for the school year at my first design-related job. I’m really looking forward to doing posters again next year for the Music Department and having more fun with what I’m doing. Here is a roundup of posters I did this semester:

New portfolio site is also on the way… should be done and live in the next few weeks!


Work Posters

It has been a busy past few weeks! The semester is almost coming to a close, which means lots of work to be pumping out! Here are the final three posters for the KSC Music Department that I’ve made for this semester (click on image to enlarge):

New Job!

I recently got a job as the junior designer for the Keene State Music Department. Which means, first real design job! Weeee. I just finished my first poster, so here it is! I’m really excited for this opportunity and look forward to getting lots of experience with working with real clients 😀

(click to enlarge)