Time Flies…

My oh my how I have been slacking on this. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by already… Class picking started this week and I picked my classes on Monday. I picked classes for my first semester of senior year. How scary a sentence is that? Scary but exciting all at once.

I promise to update this soon with all the stuff I’ve been up to lately. School work, a few side projects and work has sucked me into its whirlwind and spit me out only to realize that we have about 4 weeks + a week of finals left. It seems like a fair amount, but I know it will go by so quickly with all the work that needs to be done. I am also working on completely updating my portfolio website, so that will be another awesome thing that I will be posting about as this year winds down.

I have been looking for lots of blogs to add to my google reader and upon doing so, I found this amazing short film that I want to leave you with. It is called “Solipsist” by Andrew Thomas Huang and I found it at booooooom.

Until next time…


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