Word Moths

Part of an ongoing project. Various terms found in regional dialect/words I hear on a daily basis placed onto the wings of moths. What are some interesting words that are said where you live, that cause people to go “…What?” when they hear you say them outside of that area? AsIfJPG_BeCool JPG_Hella JPG_Spooky JPG_Whatever JPG_Wicked


Don’t Wait

A daily reminder in the form of an animation: Don’t Wait. If you want something, go for it, don’t wait around for permission from someone else, or for a time when you think doing it will be better. You never know when the opportunity will pass, and you may not get one again.

don’t wait. from pampampam on Vimeo.

Website Flashback Wednesday

Isn’t it interesting to see how much you improve in something? Skills improve so gradually over time, that you don’t really notice a difference unless you compare things from different periods of time in your life. I love going through sketch books and comparing the very first page to the very last page and seeing how much I have improved. While redesigning my website recently, I had the idea to go back and look at all the different versions from the last few years. From my very first portfolio website, to my most recent version. And now to hop into the website time machine…

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Halloween 2014

In my world, Halloween starts on October 1st and ends in the week that has October 31st. That leaves plenty of opportunities for Halloween celebrations; which I always need because I have about 50 ideas swirling through my head for costumes always. I can’t be the only person who thinks about my Halloween costumes in January, right?

This year I had the opportunity to dress up in 3 different costumes. A Lichtenstein painting and Spinelli from Recess. Check ’em out below! What did you dress as this year?

Costume #1 – A Deviled Egg
Deviled Egg

Costume #2 – A Lichtenstein painting

Costume #3 – Spinelli from Recess